Last updated: 01/28/23 10:35 AM

Can you believe this is the end of January??  What happened to the time?  Oh well – onward and upward.  Literally.  Come watch the start of the annual M.W. Otto Rhode event - a huge fundraiser for Granite Backcountry Alliance.  Over 250 skiers will skin up Mount Washington from our base area here at Great Glen.  The best spectator spot IMO is just south of intersection 6.  The start around 12:30pm.


Not interested in standing around to watch other skiers have fun?  I get it.  Go hit the trail of the day – Aqueduct Loop.  This 5km loop should only be skied or snowshoed counterclockwise.  I would let the “AQ” soften up today and then ski it if you have some metal edge skis.  It will be a quick one for sure as the snow has set up pretty firm on this over the last couple days.  It was snowmobile groomed a couple days ago but will still challenge some of the best skiers.  While you wait for it to soften go get a lap on Dugway Trace (groomed last night).


As for the “normal trails” you will find excellent tracks and wide skate lanes.  Really nice cruising out there.  Snow showers today will only make the skiing that much better. 


Check out the Stonehenge-look of our courtyard with pillars of snow ready for the Snow Sculpting Competition this weekend. Such a cool event (pun intended) you need to come check it out. Pieces are finished by Sunday at 12pm. Free to attend! 


Be nice out there,

Nordic Nate


Upcoming Events:


- NH Invitational Snow Sculpting Competition: sponsored by the Jackson Chamber of Commerce


Trails Open

49 / 49

Open KM

45 / 45 Km

Skate Open

25 / 25 Km

Tracked Open

14 / 15 Km

Primary Surface

Packed Powder

Secondary Surface

Machine Groomed

Base Depth

16" - 28"

New Snow

8" (7 days)

Season Snowfall










Who needs it??